The Alpha Chi O'Mansion is located at 722 W. Maple Street. In the walls of this house are late nights in the movie room, chapter dinner on Monday nights, spending hours playing the wii, laughter with your roommates, chicken finger Friday every week, and so much more. It is our favorite hang out spot in between classes, where we go when we need a friend, and our home. We can not wait to show off 722 to you during formal recruitment! We know that you will fall in love with her too!

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722 W. MAPLE

Our newly built house was completed in 2018! It houses over 60 girls every year which strengthens the bond of our sisterhood even more than it already was. Living in house is a once in a lifetime experience that our girls adore. Keep reading to hear from some girls who have lived inside the walls of 722!

"Living in house was one of the best years for me because I had the chance to meet new people, get closer to them, and live with some of my best friends. I've gained some of my favorite memories within the walls of 722 and I am forever grateful for that!"

Kolby Feldotto

"My favorite part about living in the house was getting the opportunity to live with my best friend. I also became so much closer to so many new girls that I wouldn't have met if I didn't live in the house! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I highly recommend it!"

Emilee Mlakar


"From the moment I first walked between the bright white columns and into the big red door, I knew I was home. And from that moment, I knew that I wanted to make every other girl that walked through that red door feel the same way I did. During recruitment, I was lucky enough to talk with the current Vice President of Facility Operations, where I learned before even visiting the house how special it was to the girls that got to experience it. She inspired me to love on the house and now fulfill this position myself. This house is so much more to me than four walls. It is Sunday nights piling into the movie room for Euphoria with all my best friends, it’s sprinting through the hall in a towel to find an outfit in my friend’s closet, it’s everyone waiting for dinner at 4:55, then venting about our day at the table we pull way too many chairs around. It’s always having someone home when you need it, and them only being a few steps away. This house will always be the best decision I made, because it brought me all my best friends and the best year of my life!"

Annalissa Houser - VP Facility Operations

"There are so many amazing things about living in the house, but my favorite thing was being with my friends 24/7. I never ate a meal alone or studied by myself. Nothing is as nice as walking around the house, bumping into someone and being able to hang out and talk to regardless of who you bumped into."

Rachel Eaton

"Living in house was something I had planned to do since I went through recruitment! I always thought it would be the best way to forge close relationships with my sisters and that's exactly what happened! I got to wake up and go to sleep every day being surrounded by the most genuine and caring girls I've ever met. I always knew 722 West Maple Street was a sisterhood full  of genuine, caring, and kind girls, but living in house with 64 of my sisters proved it!"

Dresden Dilts