So...we started a blog

When you live with three sorority sisters, odds are at some point you will find yourself sitting

around the kitchen table discussing your chapter. Several weeks ago my roommates and I

were sharing our own personal stories about Alpha Chi Omega’s impact on us. After several

hours of laughing, chatting, and snacking on a dozen chocolate chip cookies the idea hit

us. We needed a way for other Alpha Chi’s, Panhellenic Members, family, and friends to

hear our stories. What better way to do that than the Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Rho Blog?

who, what, blog?


The blog is about Alpha Chi Omega at the University of Arkansas. We were founded in 1885

at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana #tbt. Our great sorority was re-established here,

at the U of A in 2012. Our chapter consists of approximately 350 hilarious, loving and talented

girls and counting, who we hope to showcase through this blog. You can expect your run of

the mill blog categories with an Alpha Chi twist. We hope to include stories on travel,

philanthropy, sisterhood, day to day, how-tos, lifestyle and more!


Teamwork makes the ~dreamwork~ when it comes to blogs and deciding if you should buy

that dress you like. Although we – Anne, Hannah, and Lydia – are writing the first blog post, in

the future they will be written by different sistas every week. Giving everyone an opportunity

to share their Alpha Chi Omega story.

Once an Alpha Chi Always an Alpha Chi. Even some of our incredible alumni will be

helping us write blog posts every now and then as well!


You can get your weekly dose of Alpha Chi Omega at The

posts will be released every Monday at 11 A.M. So while you’re pretending to be taking

notes in your American History class you can really be checking up on all the amazing

stuff Delta Rho has happening!

Thank you to Megan Mikkelson for helping our movie night visions become a reality and to

Hannah Walter and Chloe Matthews for assisting in the technological side of the blog. We

are excited to see where this blog will lead for Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Rho. However, we

are even more excited to take everyone with us on this ride!


Your Co-Editors,

Anne, Hannah, and Lydia

"Sometimes you need to step outside, clear your head and remind yourself of who you are.

And where you wanna be. And sometimes you have to venture outside your world in order

to find yourself. As for me, I'm happy right where I am.”

- Gossip Girl

in special news

Delta Rho has released house plans for the future. We are so thrilled to call

722 West Maple Street our future home.


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