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One of the most difficult hurdles we face as sorority women is being stereotyped. We get placed into categories of preppy, princesses, and party girls (ngl though who wouldn’t want to wear a tiara and run off with their knight in shining armor), but the women of Greek Life are SO much more. If Elle Woods, the most typical sorority girl of all time, taught us anything it’s that being in a sorority does not hinder your ability to achieve your goals, but it can be something to add to your law school resume. Here’s our sister, Claire Johnson’s, take on defeating stereotypes.

Even as someone not affiliated with Greek life, a sorority is a concept you are likely familiar with. You probably have a very specific picture in your head when you imagine a sorority and its members. Depending on your age, where you live, and how much media you consume, your image and opinion about these girls may vary. But it’s likely that if the movies you watched or urban legends you heard helped to form your current opinions, you don’t think so highly of these organizations.

When movies and social media shows you a sorority, you see a narcissistic group of party girls. You’re shown a clique that lacks diversity. When you think “sorority girl”, you think of a House Bunny type whose only aspiration is an MRS degree. Movies and television do not display sororities in a positive light, so it is no wonder so many people have negative opinions. But in reality we’re not superficial or selfish.

The Greek system is actually the largest philanthropic network in the U.S., donating over $7 million and volunteering around 850,000 hours annually. Plus, joining a sorority increases the likelihood you’ll graduate college. Still think all sorority girls are narcissistic? Here at the U of A the average GPA of Panhellenic Sororities is 3.37. Our sisters are involved not only in our philanthropy, but volunteer on their own time.

It’s easy to assume a girl in a sorority is an airhead when everything you’ve seen or heard supports that assumption. The Delta Rho chapter (and sororities everywhere) are home to prospective doctors, business owners, and philanthropists. I am very proud of my Alpha Chi Omega sisters. These women are so much more than stereotypes.


Claire Johnson

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” –Coco Chanel

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