Bringing home the Silver, and feeling like Gold

One of our senior sisters, Katie Morris, has served our chapter as the Panhellenic Delegate for the past year. It is hard for many of us to imagine our college years coming to a close, but we get to see a little bit of the nostalgia through Katie’s eyes with her views on her final pep rally.

As a senior at the U of A, this year is full of many “last first” events. From my last, first preference party during recruitment to my last first day of school, it’s hard to believe time has gone by so quickly. Last Friday, I participated in my last, first pep rally! As Panhellenic Delegate, pep rallies are one of the more entertaining activities I am involved in. It’s an informal break from classes and homework where we get to showcase our pride in Alpha Chi Omega. The last pep rally was “glow in the dark” themed. As I was walking to the Greek Theater to meet up with my pep rally chairs, Tiffany and Hannah, and the rest of the chapter, I could hear the “Alpha Chi” chant from 100 yards away. Needless to say, we killed it!

Once I got there, I moved to the front of the Greek Theatre and danced around with my sisters like crazy. From hearing Chattin hit the trash can as hard as she could, and seeing McKenna with her amazing light up sign, this pep rally was already off to a fantastic start! We called the hogs, supported our spirit squads and football team, and with all the screaming and chanting I became eager for the game the next day. We did not stop cheering the entire time -- my pep rally chairs are the best.

Finally, they announced who placed in the pep rally. When they called Alpha Chi Omega, we went insane! I couldn’t help but get goose bumps. Getting second in the first pep rally of the year was the greatest way to start off my last lap at University of Arkansas. I was ecstatic knowing that I finished my vice-president position with a win. The girls worked so hard and I couldn’t be more proud of them for all their hard work and effort. All of the members of Alpha Chi make my job so easy. I know with the pride and energy we possess, we can only win more pep rallies from here, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish in other aspects on campus! As a senior, this is turning into the year of my dreams and I couldn’t imagine my time spent any different way than screaming at the top of my lungs with the girls I love most.


Katie Morris

“Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just live to make your absence felt!"

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