Alpha Chi Omega Sisterhood Retreat Bucket List

One ritual that Delta Rho has instilled is the spring sisterhood retreat. It is a great overnight cabin affair to help us bond as a chapter while taking a break from the craziness that is college. Amy Meek holds various positions in Alpha Chi, notedly her chair position in Membership Programming

Jam Sesh in the Car

No girl’s trip is complete without a proper dance party in the car! Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Adele, name it, we sung it. The drive to Camp War Eagle was about an hour, the perfect amount of time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sing your heart out with your sisters. Great company, good music and yummy snacks are the perfect ingredients for a fun car ride.

Together Let Us Seek the Heights

The ropes course was one of the first activities we did once we got to Camp War Eagle. This was something that I was really nervous for but also wanted to accomplish. I’m someone who is totally fine with flying in a plane but when it comes to other situations, like ziplining, I am completely terrified. At first I was super hesitant and wasn’t sure if I wanted to tackle the ropes course until my sisters told me that I should go for it. Don’t get me wrong, I was super nervous but I was able to conquer my fear of heights as my sisters and I went through the ropes course together. Knowing that I was able to overcome one of my fears, thanks to my sister’s encouragement, was one of the best feelings. We definitely seeked the highest of heights on the retreat!

Practicing our Green Thumbs

Later that day we all planted succulents and decorated pots together. This activity was a really fun way for us to all show our creative sides! We had a blast choosing which succulents we wanted to plant and coming up with fun ways to decorate our pots and make them our own.

Classic Camp Skits

It wouldn’t be a sisterhood retreat without some good ol’ camp skits. Skit time, was no doubt, my favorite memory from our retreat. Each cabin of sisters came up with different skits that showed off their personalities and sense of humor. Every skit was original and hysterical. I’m sure I was not the only one who cried tears of laughter the whole night.

S’mores Around the Campfire

S’mores. Need I say more?


Amy Meek

“Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it.” -Marc Jacobs

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