Alpha Chi Abroad

A semester abroad is a dream for many college students, but very few of them have the dedication and passion to make it happen. Those who do, come back with a memories and adventures that will last a life time. Our sister Parker Schramme is currently studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain. Parker embodies #lyrelivin’ in everything she does. She has served our chapter as a dedication facilitator, and is currently a recruitment day chair. Although we have enjoyed watching our sister’s journey abroad (FOMO is real) we cannot wait to have her back in Fayetteville.

My Semester Abroad

When I joined Alpha Chi Omega, I not only joined a group of women/best friends/sisters, I also joined an organization that would continually challenge me to seek the heights. This semester I am studying in Spain for four months, and with the support and encouragement of my sisters I get to live out my dream and my version of seeking the heights across the globe. For 4 months I'm living in the beautiful town of Sevilla in southern Spain. In my humble opinion, it's the very best city Spain has to offer. The little quirks and traditions of Sevilla make it feel both exciting and quaint. One of my most favorite parts of living here is my walk to school. I walk along the river and pass la Catedral de Toros (the bullfighting ring), flamenco houses, tapas bars, and some beautiful buildings from Spain's golden age. The university I attend is a huge building that looks like a palace from the outside, but is actually the former royal tobacco factory, now converted into la Universidad de Sevilla. On the weekends the streets are filled with parades of people dancing and street flamenco performers, and the Sevillans fill the cafes and restaurants just passing the time with friends and tapas. Besides Sevilla, my favorite place in Europe that I've visited so far has been the city of love, Paris. The energy of Paris is invigorating, the art is stunning (I'm a Monet gal), and the food is DELISH. The city is honestly magical, and one of my best memories from this whole experience is sitting under the Eiffel Tower with my friends at dusk when it starts to twinkle.

I'm actually writing this while somewhere in the middle of Morocco. I'm on my way to living a dream that has been at the very top of my bucket list since before I had a bucket list: Riding a camel through the Saharan desert!! Yesterday we explored the Medina in Fez, and today we head to the desert for a few nights under the stars.

This semester I have eaten ice cream and pastries across Europe, visited some of the most beautiful cathedrals that exist, climbed a million steps, hiked to picturesque heights and seen palaces and fortresses built hundreds of years ago. I only have one month left of my dreamy adventure abroad, but I absolutely can't wait to return to Fayetteville and reunite with my sisters. Through it all, as I meet different people, and experience new cultures I'm so grateful for the love and support my sisters are always sending me while I'm here.

Paris, Morroco, Sevilla, oh my! As Parker experiences Spanish cuisine, French art, and desert moons my weekly Spanish homework is as close as I get to globe-trotting. Alpha Chi Omega empowers our sisters to pursue their dreams, whether it be traveling the world, or making an A on your Calculus test you can always count on a sister’s support (even if she is 4,600 miles away). We can count on Parker, still, as she is actively participating in the planning of formal recruitment with the deserts of Morocco and the Eiffel tower being her inspiration.


Parker Schramme

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

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